A grenade that a volunteer brought from Ukraine exploded in Krasnodar

A grenade that a volunteer brought from Ukraine exploded in Krasnodar

In Krasnodar, a grenade exploded in a residential building brought by a volunteer who fought there from Ukraine. According to local media, he was drunk at the time of the explosion. The owner of the grenade received shrapnel wounds. Ambulance doctors treated the wounds, but he refused hospitalization.

The victim reported that he brought an RDG-5 grenade in January 2023 from the Donetsk region, where he participated in military operations. During the inspection of his apartment, they found one more grenade, which the Russian Guard seized for disposal. A criminal case for illegal possession of weapons has been initiated against him.

In January, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia published statistics according to which the number of crimes involving weapons and explosives doubled in Russia in 2022. A large number of crimes involving the use of weapons were committed by military personnel.

  • The “Verstka” publication, which studied the statistics of Russian garrison courts, reports that since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, at least 42 military personnel have appeared in court for the possession, storage and carrying of unregistered weapons, ammunition and explosive devices. Judging by the already published verdicts, they appropriated firearms found in the combat zone or kept unused cartridges and grenades.

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