A Muscovite beaten in “Open Space” was arrested for five days

A Muscovite beaten in “Open Space” was arrested for five days

A court in Moscow arrested Konstantin Novikov for five days, who was beaten by the police at an event in “Open Space”. Ego was found guilty of disobeying the demands of police officers, “OVD-Info” reports.

On March 19, the police came to “Open Space” and interrupted the presentation of comics by the artist Sasha Skochylenko, who has been in pre-trial detention for almost an hour in connection with the so-called fakes about the army. They began to question visitors about their attitude to the war in Ukraine and their involvement in “Feminist Anti-War Resistance”, and also checked documents. According to “OVD-Info”, police officers beat Novikov for refusing to show his passport. He was taken to the hospital, and then, as the publication suggests, he was taken to the police department and the court.

Those who were released from “Open Space” said that law enforcement officials wanted to force them to sing patriotic songs. However, they did not understand how to turn on the column.

  • Earlier, the security forces came to the Moscow bar Underdog, as reported, on suspicion of financing the Ukrainian armed forces. The visitors who were there were forced to sing, in particular, the songs of the “Lyube” group, under threat of electric shocks. Video of this appeared on the network.
  • Skochylenko was detained in St. Petersburg on April 11 of last year, and two days later she was sent to custody, she became one of the first sent to pre-trial detention center on the charge of so-called fakes. The artist admitted that she spread information about the war, including replacing the price tags in the store with stickers telling about the actions of the Russian military in Mariupol. She, however, denies that she spread knowingly false information. The Russian authorities can consider as fakes any reports about the war in Ukraine that do not correspond to the official statements of the Ministry of Defense.

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