“A new life begins on Monday.” How social networks react to the DRG in Belgorod

“A new life begins on Monday.”  How social networks react to the DRG in Belgorod


On May 22, a sabotage group entered Belgorod, Russia. The Main Directorate of Intelligence noted that these actions are aimed at creating a “security zone” to protect Ukrainians. A wave of humor and jokes about “Ukrainian” Belgorod also swept through social networks. Journalist Andrii Drozda reported that Belgorod was symbolically “liberated” on Simon Petliura’s birthday. “Our demand is to return to the state borders of Ukraine in 1919,” he added. Ukrainian blogger Ihor Lachenkov drew attention to new markings on the DeepState map. Screenshot from the DeepState map The writer Oksana Zabuzhko emphasized that it is worth naming this territory according to the spelling. “Let’s finally start speaking and writing correctly – Bilhorod!! Bilhorod, not Belhorod, is our land, the Hetman’s Starodubshchyna stolen from us, it’s high time to restore historical justice!”, she said. Journalist Serhiy Rudenko showed how the name of the settlement should look. Replacement of license plates Attorney Mykhailo Schneider noticed that rosTV is already preparing for a new reality. “Skabeeva is already preparing to meet the Liberators!” – wrote Schneider. Skabeeva is “waiting” “1+1” journalist Eva Nikolashvili has been joking about her new life since Monday. “Everyone always promises to start a new life from Monday. What about Belgorod? Belgorod also wants to. That’s how it started. Respect Ps: as they say, Ukraine joined Russia, but there is one “but”, she says. Eva also added a map of Ukraine with an additional region. “Updated” map of Ukraine In the modern poetry group, they showed how the dialogues among the participants about literary readings in Belgorod look like. Dialogues in the literary group Journalist Nataliya Bushkovska also notes that she does not really want to work on the day of the liberation of Belgorod. In the 3rd separate assault brigade visualized how the photo zone will look like in the new region. Stylization of Belgorod A volunteer from the association “What are you, Uncle?” Tvys Lakman specified the number of the future branch of the New Post Office. The service reacted instantly: they noted that they were already looking at the location. Photographer Oleksandr Gusev showed, which convoy is moving towards the “liberated” Belgorod. Read also: “And we haven’t even started yet!”: how Ukrainians react to the drone strike in the Kremlin


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