A professor from Florida lived 74 days under water and set a new world record. PHOTO

A professor from Florida lived 74 days under water and set a new world record.  PHOTO


A professor and teacher at the University of South Florida, 55-year-old Joseph Dituri broke the world record for the longest life underwater. The man has been living in the underwater house for more than 74 days and currently has no plans to leave it. He wrote about it on his Twitter, the Associated Press reports. On May 13, biomedical engineering doctor and retired US Navy officer Joseph Dituri set a new world record for continuous underwater life. Photo: AP News For 74 days, he lives at a depth of 9 meters in a one-room house, which is located at the bottom of a coral reef archipelago off the southern coast of Florida, the Florida Keys. “Introducing my underwater dinner – a salad with poached salmon. It’s easy to cook here! But a delicious healthy dinner is also a good stress reliever after a busy Monday,” Dituri writes in one of his posts on Instagram. The man plans to live underwater at least until June 9, when he will have been underwater for 100 days. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Joe Dituri (@drdeepsea) On his Instagram, the scientist conducts online classes in biomedical engineering. It is noted that during 74 days underwater, he involved more than 2,500 students in classes through online classes. The professor has the nickname “Dr. Deep Sea”. Dituri is said to be participating in a mission organized by the Marine Resources Development Foundation, which is engaged in the study of marine resources, to investigate how the human body responds to prolonged exposure to extreme pressure. Researchers are analyzing the health of the professor, as well as the psychological consequences of such isolation. Photo: AP News The previous record for the longest stay underwater was set in 2014, when two professors from Tennessee – Bruce Cantrell and Jessica Fain – lived underwater for 73 days. Earlier we told who lives at a depth of 8 kilometers under water. Read also: 13 incredible photos of dogs under water


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