A ship that ran aground a day earlier was raised in the Suez Canal

A ship that ran aground a day earlier was raised in the Suez Canal

On Sunday, a container ship ran aground in the Suez Canal in Egypt due to a breakdown, which led to the redirection of part of the traffic – on Monday, traffic was fully restored.

This was reported by the Channel Administration, reports Reuters.

On Sunday, the Liberian-flagged ship MSC ISTANBUL ran aground while transiting the canal en route from Malaysia to Portugal.

Four tugboats worked to move it, which was eventually done, and traffic on the vital waterway was not affected.

“All vessels coming from the north passed normally and shipping from the south also proceeded normally after vessels were diverted from the western channel to the eastern channel,” the company added.

We remind you:

On March 24, 2021, the 400-meter-long ship Ever Given ran aground and blocked traffic through one of the busiest transport routes in the world – the Suez Canal, it was blown off course by strong winds.

More than three hundred ships stood waiting to pass through the Suez Canal, blocked by a container ship. The vessel blocked the traffic of goods with a value 9.6 billion dollars every day.

In five days, March 29, Ever Given removed from the ground and he resumed movement along the water channel.

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