A state of emergency was declared in Vinnytsia due to an outbreak of hepatitis A

A state of emergency was declared in Vinnytsia due to an outbreak of hepatitis A

In the Vinnytsia region, a state of emergency was declared and anti-epidemic measures were strengthened due to an outbreak of hepatitis A.

This was reported by the Ministry of Health.

“Epidemic statistics show that the source of infection still exists. The causes of an outbreak of hepatitis A can be food products or drinking water. The work of epidemiologists investigating the outbreak is now focused on these factors,” – said chief sanitary doctor Ihor Kuzin.

Currently, 144 patients remain in regional hospitals, another 32 adults and 10 children have already been discharged.

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Sanlikar added that anti-epidemic measures have been strengthened in the region, including:

  • temporarily limited the sale of home-made goods in markets and banned fairs;
  • strengthened control over cleaning and disinfection of public transport;
  • carry out inspections of employees. which are involved in the production of mass consumption products, dairy products, centralized water supply facilities and enterprises that ensure the sale of drinking water and its transportation around the city.

Ihor Kuzin noted that distance learning was extended for schoolchildren in Vinnytsia region, and extracurricular learning and the work of sports and art clubs were temporarily limited.

We will remind you that an outbreak of hepatitis A patients in the Vinnytsia region was recorded on October 24. At that time, 60 people with a confirmed diagnosis were hospitalized, including 14 children.

However, the number of patients continued to grow. As of October 28, there were already 141 patients, and two days later the number increased to 174 patients.

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