A teenager convicted of preparing a terrorist attack left Russia

A teenager convicted of preparing a terrorist attack left Russia


16-year-old Yaroslav Inozemtsev from Volgograd, previously convicted on charges of preparing to attack a school, left Russia. This was reported by the Dozor v Volgograd Telegram channel. As Kavkaz.Realii clarifies, his family also left.

In the summer of 2022, the court in Rostov-on-Don decided to send Inozemtsev to a “special-type hospital for compulsory medical measures.” In January, the sentence entered into force.

“From the moment the sentence entered into force, the restraining order – the prohibition of specific actions – ceased to apply, there were no restrictions in relation to Yaroslav. Therefore, we left the country completely legally, without violating anything,” the teenager’s mother, Yulia Inozemtseva, told the website Kavkaz.Realii. The Volgograd anti-war movement Dozor helped the family leave Russia. Activists have announced a fundraiser to help Inozemtsev and his mother, Mediazona reports.

In the video about his departure, Inozemtsev said that the case against him was fabricated: “I was an ordinary teenager with ordinary hobbies. They decided to make me a terrorist because of my anti-government and anti-Putin posts on social networks.” The teenager’s family claimed the political nature of the persecution, as he published anti-Putin posts on social networks. Inozemtsev confirmed that he is against the war in Ukraine and against the Russian authorities.

  • Yaroslav Inozemtsev was arrested in June 2020, when he was 14 years old. During the search, the security forces seized a “homemade explosive device” – a firecracker, the power of which, according to the lawyer, would be enough to blow up a cardboard box – and 18 “Molotov cocktails”. According to the investigation, the schoolboy was planning to commit a terrorist attack in the school where he studied, planning to kill the headmaster and one of the students. Inozemtsev himself stated that he was going to use the confiscated items for entertainment purposes. Six months later, the article was reclassified as preparation for a terrorist attack.
  • In February 2021, the examination of the Serbian Institute in Moscow found Inozemtsev insane. In April, he was transferred from a pre-trial detention center to a psychiatric hospital. In June, the case was referred to the court, however, due to numerous errors, the court returned the accusation to the prosecutor’s office and released the teenager from custody, prohibiting him from certain actions.
  • At the end of October 2021, the court again placed Inozemtsev in a pre-trial detention center, in November he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital, however, after the start of consideration of his case in January 2022, the court released the teenager home under the prohibition of certain actions.
  • A classmate and teacher of Inozemtsev, who was initially accused of planning the murder, deny these intentions. Thus, the classmate declared in court that he did not consider himself a victim and did not receive threats from Inozemtsev personally. The headmistress reported that she learned about the alleged attempt on her only from members of the security forces.
  • In July 2022, Inozemtsev was found guilty of attempted terrorist act, illegal storage of explosives and manufacture of explosive devices. He was prescribed compulsory psychiatric treatment. In January 2023, this decision was approved by the Court of Appeal.


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