A volcano in Mexico spews plumes of smoke and ash. VIDEO

A volcano in Mexico spews plumes of smoke and ash.  VIDEO

Near Mexico City in Latin America, the Popocatepetl volcano is again spewing columns of smoke. Because of this, security measures have been tightened near the volcano, Reuters reports. The volcanic activity also caused flight delays and cancellations at Benito Juarez International Airport. Popocatepetl’s series of relatively small but powerful eruptions forced Puebla state officials to suspend classes in public and private schools in 22 towns. Lessons in these schools will be conducted online. The reason is the fall of ash, as well as the eruption of gases that accompany the activity of the “smoky hill”. They are harmful to the respiratory system. If the situation worsens, the local population will be evacuated. Mexico’s disaster prevention center Cenapred said 154 eruptions of mostly ash and gas from Popocatepetl, one “minor” explosion and one volcanotectonic earthquake were recorded in the past 24 hours. Popocatepetl is the second highest volcano in Mexico. It is located 72 km southwest of Mexico City, home to about 9 million people. Read also: Scientists have discovered 19,000 underwater volcanoes scattered around the planet. PHOTO

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