about 20 contractors in the Kherson region asked to resign

about 20 contractors in the Kherson region asked to resign

About 20 Russian military contractors, stationed in the Kherson region of Ukraine, asked to resign for reasons of conscience. All of them were refused command. The soldiers reported that they are not allowed to rest, they are constantly on duty at the base, and the only chance to rest is to get injured and go to the hospital.

Telegram channel “Sirena” publishes photos of servicemen’s dismissal reports. All of them belong to the 126th Separate Guards Brigade of the Coast Guard. According to the interlocutor of “Syrena”, who serves in the same unit, the reports were written by approximately 20 of the 27 soldiers who are in one of the strongholds of the Russian army in the Kherson region.

He says that after the soldiers submitted their reports, the commanders came to them, whom the soldiers had not seen for several months. The command responded to requests for dismissal with a refusal, and also kept them on leave and promised that now they will be in the Kherson region “without escape”.

  • During the war in Ukraine, Russian servicemen – both contract and mobilized – regularly received reports of violations of their rights. Contract workers complain that they are not allowed to resign even after the contract expires. The mobilized also claim brutal treatment by the command, insufficient training and supplies, and that they are being thrown “for slaughter.”

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