Combat medics from Donetsk region told how they help the wounded under shelling – video

Combat medics from Donetsk region told how they help the wounded under shelling – video

Combat medics working along the entire front line in Donetsk region spoke about rescuing victims of Russian shelling, including children.

In the last week alone, paramedics rescued 24 wounded people, the National Police reports.

The work begins with an alarm and the first explosions, during which they go to the place of “arrival”.

For example, on May 13, during a massive shelling in Kostyantynivka, children walking near a store were hit. A 15-year-old girl died on the spot.

Photo: National Police

“We saw an injured boy and girl, they had injuries to the body and limbs. Together with the military, they began to provide them with help when the shelling began again. We grabbed the children and put them in the “armor”. After we moved to the place where car, a shell flew in. A few more minutes, and we would all have died.”– recalls Andrii Bulavin, a paramedic of the National Emergency Medical Service in the Donetsk region.

According to him, on the way to the hospital, the children’s wounds were bandaged and sedated.

The children were taken to the hospital, after which the medics returned to the place where the rocket fell to help the other wounded.

That day, 2 people died and 10 were injured in Kostyantynivka.

“We pulled out an injured elderly woman from the apartment, which was hit directly, she was crushed by a brick. The victim’s leg was seriously injured, she was bleeding. A tourniquet was applied, and the limb was secured with a tire. When the injured woman was carried out on a stretcher, she fell a little good thing it’s not deep”– recalls Andriy Bulavin.

He adds that a week later the paramedics returned to visit the rescued teenagers with guests. By then, the girl had already been discharged, and the boy had already started walking.

Over the past week, paramedics helped 24 injured people.

Photo: National Police

In addition to the local team of paramedics, instructors of the Donetsk Police Training Center are on duty in the area, who have the qualification of combat medic.

They are equipped with means of tactical medicine. Each paramedic packs his backpack personally in order to get what is needed as quickly as possible at a critical moment and help a person.

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