Do not smoke dead things: rescuers put out dozens of fires during the day. PHOTO

Do not smoke dead things: rescuers put out dozens of fires during the day.  PHOTO

Over the last day, the State Emergency Service extinguished dozens of fires in ecosystems – in particular, due to arson with dry land and careless handling of fire. During the past day, rescuers from Ivano-Frankivsk Region went out 16 times to eliminate dry grass fires in open areas in many areas of the region. The total area of ​​the fires was about 2 hectares, the State Emergency Service reports. “Today’s topical “painful” topic is fires in ecosystems! Spring brought us not only warm weather, but also fires in ecosystems. Most of the time, they are provoked by citizens who often burn dead wood during work on homesteads,” say firefighters. Read also: In Volyn, a man who burned 14 hectares of forest was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Photo: State Emergency Service In Lviv Oblast, firefighters extinguished 34 dry grass and brush fires in 24 hours. The fire destroyed more than 2.5 hectares of dry land due to careless handling of the fire. And in the Rivne region, 2 fires were extinguished in open areas. Dry grass and bushes burned in the Rivne and Duben districts of the region. Read also: How to deal with piles of leaves and prevent large-scale fires: 5 life hacks from the Konotop community. weather can cause a large-scale fire. Moreover, this kind of fire is not only harmful to the environment, but also to people!” – the State Emergency Service emphasizes. Dry burning does NOT increase soil productivity, but on the contrary – harms the ecosystem, destroys wildlife and can lead to the death of people. If you witness a fire, call the emergency number 101 immediately, emergency workers add. Firefighters put out dozens of fires last day. We will remind you that last year the Rada increased responsibility for arson during the war: deliberate arson is now considered sabotage. Palyam weed can face from 10 to 15 years behind bars or life in prison with confiscation of property. We also previously listed 11 reasons why smoking dry grass and leaves is harmful. And in the Merefyan community in the Kharkiv region, they shared their experience on how to reduce the volume of garbage without burning it, but with the help of composting organic waste. Read also: Do ​​not smoke the dead – smoke the occupiers: the Ministry of Environment is asked not to add jobs to rescuers

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