Elon Musk was denied testing brain chips on humans

Elon Musk was denied testing brain chips on humans

In early 2022, Elon Musk’s company Neuralink requested permission from the US regulator to conduct trials of chipping people’s brains.

But she was refused, Reuters reports.

The US Food and Drug Administration believes the device may be dangerous.

The N1 implant is about the size of a coin. It can be recharged remotely, and it runs along with the electrodes laced with threads that go further into the brain.

The regulator drew Musk’s attention to dozens of issues that need to be resolved before testing on humans.

The greatest dangers are currently considered to be:

  • lithium battery of the device;
  • probable migration of the implant to another area of ​​the brain;
  • inability to safely remove the chip from the brain.

Probably, when the Neuralink company resolves these issues, they will be able to submit a second request.

But three out of seven Reuters sources do not believe that Elon Musk’s brainchild will be able to fix the situation in the near future.

Neither Elon Musk, nor other representatives of the company, nor the FDA are currently commenting on the situation.

We will remind, in 2022 Musk was accused of cruel treatment of animals after a series of experiments on implanting chips in the brain.

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