Former Antonov managers were informed of suspicion due to the destruction of the Mriya plane

Former Antonov managers were informed of suspicion due to the destruction of the Mriya plane

The former leaders of Antonov State Enterprise were informed of the suspicion of obstructing the activities of the Armed Forces – according to the investigation, the Mriya flagship aircraft was destroyed due to the actions of the expositors.

She reported about it press service Office of the Prosecutor General.

Namely, the former general director of “Antonova”, acting deputy general director and deputy director for aviation security of the state-owned enterprise. They are suspected of obstructing the legitimate activities of the Armed Forces and other military formations.

According to the investigation, during January-February 2022, the National Guard was informed about a possible escalation of the war on the part of the Russian Federation. In compliance with the order of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard had to organize measures to strengthen the protection and defense of certain objects, including the airfield in Gostomel.

“However, the officials of the state enterprise prevented the legal activities of the military personnel. They deprived them of the opportunity to take timely measures for the protection and defense of the airfield,” the investigation stated.

As a result of such actions, one person probably died, and two more were injured of varying degrees of severity, the AN-225 “Mriya” aircraft was destroyed, and other aircraft and vehicles of the enterprise were damaged.

In addition, control over a strategic military facility was lost with the subsequent temporary occupation of nearby settlements in the Kyiv region.

Currently, preventive measures in the form of detention have been chosen for two suspects, and the issue of declaring him wanted is being resolved in relation to the third.

Pre-trial investigation and operational support is carried out by the Security Service.

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We remind you:

On the first day of the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the Russian invaders destroyed in Gostomel, the flagship of Ukrainian aviation – the An-225 “Mriya” aircraft. Along with “Mria”, five more aircraft were based at the airfield: An-74, An-26, An-124, An-132 and An-22. The first two were completely destroyed, the others were badly damaged.

“Antonov” immediately announced that “Mria” will be rebuilt. However, the cost of such an idea was unclear – estimates from Ukroboronprom and representatives ranged from $120 million to $3 billion. However, as Anatoly Vovnyanko, the designer of Antonov State Enterprise, wrote at the time, in reality, the completion will cost about 250-300 million dollars.

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