“Forum of free peoples of post-Russia” is recognized as an undesirable organization

“Forum of free peoples of post-Russia” is recognized as an undesirable organization

The General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia declared the Forum of Free Peoples of Post-Russia, registered in Poland, an undesirable organization. This public movement unites activists who demand greater independence for Russian regions, up to their withdrawal from the Russian Federation.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the activities of the Forum “pose a threat to the foundations of the constitutional order and security of the Russian Federation,” and the sessions are attended by “leaders of ethno-separatist movements and foreign speakers who are characterized by pronounced anti-Russian sentiment.”

The Forum’s website states that its task is “reconstruction and structural transformation of Russia”. Forum participants “are developing approaches to the creation of transitional administrations and governments of post-Putin independent states.”

The last, fifth forum took place at the beginning of February in Brussels in the building of the European Parliament. According to the report of the “Meduza” publication, the former minister of culture of Chechnya Akhmed Zakaev, a supporter of the idea of ​​an independent Ichkeria, participated in it; historian and journalist Maksym Kuzakhmetov, a supporter of the independence of Ingria; representative of the “Free Yakutia” foundation Raisa Zubareva and others.

  • In May 2015, Vladimir Putin signed the Law on Undesirable Organizations, which prohibits them from operating on the territory of Russia. Any non-governmental organization that, in the opinion of the Prosecutor General or his deputy, represents a “threat to the security of the state and the foundations of the constitutional order” may be considered undesirable. The authorities have already included dozens of foreign NGOs and NGOs among such organizations.
  • Recognizing an organization in Russia as undesirable, among other things, means that persons cooperating with it may be brought to criminal responsibility. Several Russian citizens were sentenced to actual terms of imprisonment under the article about cooperation with them.

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