“Government services” offer users to download the “Z-poetry” collection

“Government services” offer users to download the “Z-poetry” collection

Starting from June 1, the Russian portal “Gosuslugy” sends its users e-mails in which they offer to download the poetry collection “Poetry of the Russian Summer”. The book was prepared by the Russia Today TV channel last year. Earlier, its editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan, complained that publishers refused to print the collection, referring to its commercial unprospect.

As indicated in the “Gosuslug” newsletter, the book includes “poems and poems by contemporary Russian authors about the tragic events in the Donbass, which have been occurring since 2014.”

Among the authors of verses and poems are Maria Vatutyna, Igor Karaulov, Anna Dolgareva, Alexander Pelevyn and other “patriotic” poets. In their works, they glorify the image of the Russian warrior and present Ukrainians as invaders hostile to everything Russian.

The collection “Poetry of the Russian Summer” was compiled in 2022. However, it also included poems written before the beginning of Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine.

In the autumn of last year, the head of Russia Today, Margarita Simonyan, wrote that Russian publishers refused the offer to print the collection because of the symbol Z on the cover. According to Simonyan, they explained their refusal by the fact that bookstores will not take a book with such a cover for distribution, and readers will not want to buy it.

Now on the RT site, the collection is sold at a price of 1,490 rubles, however, “Gosuslugy” and online bookstores, for example, Litres.ru, offer to download the electronic version for free.

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