“Hello, mom”: Ukrainian military congratulated their mothers on the holiday. VIDEO

“Hello, mom”: Ukrainian military congratulated their mothers on the holiday.  VIDEO


Ukrainian soldiers congratulate their mothers on Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on May 14. The National Guard of Ukraine published a video in which a soldier talks about his mother, who is waiting for him from the war. “Every morning and every evening, my mother waits for my call. She says that without my call, everything falls out of her hands, and at night she cannot sleep. She is consumed by thoughts that something terrible will happen to me,” says the fighter. The military man says that conversations with his mother are also very important to him. “Something very peaceful from a parallel world pours from her receiver. “Hello, mom. I ate, dressed according to the weather, put on a hat. I’m going for a walk, my friends are with me, we’ll be careful, I promise,” says the National Guardsman. The fighter believes that his mother will be proud of him, and he promises to take revenge for her every tear and wrinkle, and also dreams of meeting his grandmother after the Victory and thanks his mothers brothers. “I will postpone my affairs in order to come with the whole family to visit you. Thanks to the mothers of my brothers who raised their sons in such a way that you can rely on them. Thank you to those mothers whose sons we will never see,” says the military man. Commander of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Mykola Oleschuk, publishes greetings for mothers from the fighters of the Air Command Center. The military wishes their mothers to sleep peacefully, thank them for everything and promise return with Victory. Mother and Ukrainian border guards congratulated. “Thank you for always waiting for us at home. Of course, we would like to say it in person, but at the moment we can only do so, through video,” they say and hold out a bouquet of tulips. Soldiers of the 45th separate artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Mother’s Day read a poem by Nastasya Semenyuk, written especially for the military. Here is a fragment of this poem: Mom, I didn’t have breakfast again today, but it’s not so important, But I visited my sister who survived yesterday. Your prayers, mom, do work a miracle. I slept badly, but don’t worry. A person gets used to everything, it’s okay. I’m protecting you, mom, please hold on. I didn’t want you to cry, I’m really sorry. It won’t be long, mom, I’ll be back, I promise. Keep the phone close, I’ll call tomorrow. Happy holidays, dear, I’m going to you. Make tea. And I will collect the best bouquet for you myself! Earlier we told a story about how two women in the compartment of the train, where the soldier boarded, began to take care of him as a son, after learning that he did not have a mother. Read also : Why we celebrate Mother’s Day for over 100 years: the history of the holiday


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