How much money is spent on social assistance to the population (infographics)

How much money is spent on social assistance to the population (infographics)

In 2023, the state budget provides 163.1 billion UAH for social assistance to the population. This is UAH 12.4 billion more than in 2022 (UAH 150.7 billion), and UAH 51.8 billion more than in 2021. This was reported by the Ministry of Finance.

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The largest of the social benefits planned in 2023 is assistance to internally displaced persons — UAH 57.6 billion (in 2022 — UAH 53.5 billion, in 2021 — UAH 3 billion). It is expected that 1.9 million people will receive assistance.

UAH 24.4 billion is provided for subsidies for the payment of housing and communal services (last year it was UAH 20.2 billion, in 2021 — UAH 33 billion). 1.7 million families will receive assistance.

11.6 billion hryvnias for 1.5 million families are provided for benefits for payment of housing and communal services in 2023 (hry 12.3 billion hryvnias in 2022 h, 12.6 billion hryvnias in 2021 h).

UAH 16.8 billion is allocated to help persons with disabilities from childhood and children with disabilities (0.5 million people) (2022 — 14.8 billion UAH, 2021 — 14 billion UAH).

In aid of 270,000 15.6 billion UAH is provided for low-income families in 2023 (2022 — 13.9 billion UAH, 2021 — 12.6 billion UAH).

“We are grateful for the financial assistance of our international partners, thanks to which we can finance urgent needs and implement the principles of targeted assistance and support for those who need it most. At the same time, we carefully monitor the efficiency of the use of funds,” commented Deputy Minister of Finance Roman Ermolichev.

According to him, by publishing these data, the ministry strives to comply with the European principles of public administration regarding the transparency of the activities of public authorities.

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Source: Ministry of Finance

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