In Bulgaria, an amulet with an inscription in Cyrillic was found – probably the oldest. PHOTO

In Bulgaria, an amulet with an inscription in Cyrillic was found – probably the oldest.  PHOTO

Bulgarian scientists believe that they have found one of the oldest Cyrillic inscriptions. It is about the text on the 1,100-year-old breastplate, which is designed to “protect against evil”, according to Live Science. The artifact was unearthed in the ruins of a destroyed fortress on the border between Greece and Bulgaria. “The text was written on a lead plate that was worn on the chest to protect the owner from trouble and evil,” said Ivaylo Kanev, an archaeologist from the National Museum of Bulgaria and the leader of the expedition. Read also: A pendant with the oldest mention of the Scandinavian god Odin was found in Denmark. PHOTO Photo: Ivaylo Kanev/Live Science According to the scientist, the inscription refers to two beggars named Pavlo and Dimitar. “It is not known who the beggars Pavlo and Dimitriy were, but most likely, Dimitriy was part of the garrison, settled in the fortress, and was a relative of Pavlo,” Kanev suggests. The scientist believes that this is an inscription from the time of King Simeon I (Simeon the Great), who ruled the Bulgarian kingdom between 893 and 927. At this time, the king was expanding the empire, starting military campaigns against the Byzantine Empire. Given the way the letters are written and the location of the inscription within the fortress, the text could have reached the fortress in the period between 916 and 927. “This is a very interesting find that deserves interest. We will need to see the full publication of the inscription and the context in which it was found before we can be sure of its date,” noted Yavor Miltenov, a researcher at the Institute of the Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, who did not participate in the excavations. The oldest known inscription in Cyrillic dates back to 921. We will remind, earlier in Egypt, jewelry was found, which is more than 3.5 thousand years old. Israeli scientists also announced that they had found the tomb of the “midwife of Jesus”. Read also: A unique find: bronze statues from the time of Ancient Rome were unearthed in Tuscany. PHOTO

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