In Lutsk, zoo workers nursed a monkey that had been abandoned by its mother. PHOTO

In Lutsk, zoo workers nursed a monkey that had been abandoned by its mother.  PHOTO

Employees of the Lutsk Zoo took out a small monkey, which the mother refused to care for. The cub was born on October 18, 2022 to a pair of capuchins-plaks, the zoo reports. After birth, the baby monkey just lay in the cage for 3 hours, but the female’s maternal instinct never woke up. Then the workers of the primate department of the zoo took the baby under their care. Due to frequent power outages, they had to take turns taking the pet home. “There, it was easier for the baby to be warmed, fed, and cared for. And the long days of fighting for the monkey’s life dragged on. Feeding, just like human cubs, after three hours, round-the-clock with a bottle with a mixture for newborns. After each meal, a tummy massage.” , – they say in the zoo. Zoo workers also observed the pet’s general condition, took temperature measurements. In addition, they invented devices that provided the baby monkey with the development of instincts, because in nature it clings to its mother’s back. To do this, a terrycloth sock was pulled over the bottle, where the water was constantly changed to warm. This repeated the curve of the female’s body, so the newborn slept on it quite often. When the child grew up and the need for additional warmth disappeared, this “rest” was replaced by soft toys. The children of the workers took part in taking care of the baby, providing him with leisure time. “The first day of life, the first week, the first month. The first tooth, the first joys from meeting “moms”, the first demonstrations of character to satisfy one’s needs. Hugs and mischief – everything is like in humans”, – say the workers. The baby turned out to be a male, so they named him Demick. Currently, the monkey, which is about to turn seven months old, has already been moved to an enclosure next to its parents. “The primates are getting used to each other’s smells, the mother has started to show a little interest in her son. And Demik is studying the new home, adapting to the conditions,” the zoo says. Read also: How the military takes care of animals at the front: a selection of poignant TikTok videos

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