In Russia, a case was opened against a Ukrainian refugee

In Russia, a case was opened against a Ukrainian refugee

In Russia, a criminal case has been initiated against the Ukrainian refugee Prokhor Neyzhmakov on the charge of incitement to terrorism. He criticized the war against Ukraine and the Russian leadership in a telegram. This was reported by the publication “Astra”.

According to journalists, in the spring of last year Neyzhmakov left the city of Rubezhnoe in the east of Ukraine to the Vladimir Region to live with his mother and sister. In Russia, a Ukrainian received a certificate of temporary asylum.

At the beginning of March, a resident of Rubezhny was detained after the messages he left in the “Vladimir Gang” Telegram chat last November. Investigators claim that Neyzhmakov, in particular, wrote “you are just destroying my country”, “how many husbands and brothers have been killed in connection with these conflicts”, “say thank you to Uncle Volodka, thanks to whom I have no home, education and everything else”.

Chat “Vladimir gang” can not be found in Telegram.

It is not known what measure of restraint was chosen for Nezhmaykov. The maximum penalty under the article on “incitement to terrorism” is seven years in prison.

Since the beginning of the Russian armed attack on Ukraine, almost 20 thousand people have been detained in Russia for their anti-war stance. More than 450 people are undergoing criminal proceedings.

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