In Russia, the father of a schoolgirl who drew an anti-war picture was arrested

In Russia, the father of a schoolgirl who drew an anti-war picture was arrested

In the Tula region, a resident of the city of Efremov, Alexei Moskalev, whose daughter drew an anti-war picture in school last spring, was arrested. This was reported by human rights activist Maryna Litvynovych. According to her, Moskalev’s house was searched. All the money was taken from the family. Moskalev is raising his daughter alone.

“Spektr” publication writes that the girl remained at home alone after her father’s arrest. In addition, according to journalists, the police came to the volunteer who supports the Moskalyov family. They also wanted to search her, but so far it has not been conducted. The grounds for the search of the volunteer’s house are unknown.

At the end of February, “Spektr” and “OVD-Info” released a material in which they told that at the end of last year, a criminal case was opened against Moskalyov for the so-called discrediting of the Russian army due to a post on the “Odnoklassniki” social network. He came to the attention of the police after he was released from school because of a drawing of a child’s ego. A schoolgirl drew a woman standing next to the flag of Ukraine and shielding her child from rockets flying from Russia. The drawing teacher told the director of the school about the drawing.

The next day, the sixth-grader came to school with her father. Employees of the guardianship service and the police arrived there. Father and daughter were taken to the department. There, a protocol was drawn up on Moskalyov about the so-called discrediting of the Russian army because of a comment under a video about the Russian military in “Odnoklassniki”. The court fined Moskalev 32,000 rubles.

A day after the police visit, FSB officers came to the school and had a conversation with Moskalyov, who again came to school with his daughter. According to the father, secret service workers told him that he was raising his daughter incorrectly. They also threatened to take away the daughter and send the father to prison.

At the end of December, they searched Moskalyov’s home and took him to the FSB for questioning, where he was beaten.

Since the resident Efremov had already been brought under the article of discrediting, a case was opened against him under a similar criminal article due to his anti-war post in “Odnoklassniki”. Moskalyov faces up to three years in prison.

Journalists wrote that the Moskalevs left Efremov with their daughter after the initiation of a criminal case. It is unknown why they returned home. Moskalyov was afraid that if he was arrested in a criminal case, his daughter might end up in an orphanage, since other relatives would not take her in.

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