Members of the Marxist circle in Ufa were finally accused of terrorism

Members of the Marxist circle in Ufa were finally accused of terrorism

Five members of the Marxist circle in Ufa were charged with the creation of a terrorist community and propaganda of terrorism, as well as plans for a violent seizure of power and theft of weapons. The key testimony in the case was given by a participant in the war in the “DPR”, who also attended the readings of the circle.

Charges have been brought against pensioner Yury Efimov, deputy of the Kurultai Dmytro Chuvylin, doctor Alexey Dmitriev and two “militiamen from the DPR” – Pavlo Matysov and Rynat Burkeev. According to the investigation, they “formed the structure of the terrorist community, distributed functions, developed methods of conspiracy and tactics for committing attacks,” and also “distributed materials containing calls for the seizure of power.”

According to “Mediazona”, another participant in the war in Donbass, also a member of the circle, gave testimony to them twice – Ukrainian Sergey Sapozhnikov, suspected of robbery and murder in Ukraine and exploiting horses in Ufa. During the interrogation, he told the FSB that the members of the group “are waiting for an unstable situation in order to seize power, kill police officers, politicians.” Sapozhnikov remained a witness in the case.

Three “militants from the DPR” joined the circle two years after its founding. According to the stories of the club members, the former participants of the war in Donbas wore camouflage, used walkie-talkies, gave out call signs to the members of the club, and also offered to structure the organization, write a constitution, and held meetings where airsoft grenades were detonated.

“All this was like some kind of game played by men who have returned from the war and cannot understand that they are now in a peaceful life,” recalls one of the group’s participants. Because of this, many people left the circle. Some reminded about the “Network” case and the “New Greatness” case – the “militia from the DPR” reacted aggressively to this.

In March 2022, the apartments of at least thirteen members of the Marxist circle were searched. The Bashkir SC reported that it found “grenades, traumatic weapons, containers with incendiary mixture, means of communication, equipment for use in field conditions, extremist literature and other items.” The agency did not specify in whose apartments these items were found.

After the interrogation of five members of the circle – those involved in the case of the creation of a “terrorist community” – they were sent to a pre-trial detention center for two months. At least one of them – Dmytro Chuvylin – reported the use of violence against him.

The accused faces up to 20 years in prison. Only Matysov admitted his guilt, later he refused to testify.

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