Navalny’s former chief of staff left the colony in Arkhangelsk

Navalny’s former chief of staff left the colony in Arkhangelsk

Andrey Borovykov, the former chief of staff of opposition politician Alexei Navalny, left the colony in Arkhangelsk. This was reported by the correspondent of the Sever.Realii project.

“We were escorted by the whole SUS,” was the first thing Borovykov said to journalists after leaving the colony. SUS stands for “strict conditions of detention” in the colony of the general regime.

In April 2021, a court in Arkhangelsk sentenced Andrey Borovykov to two and a half years in prison for reposting a Rammstein clip in VKontakte. He posted his ego back in 2014. The activist was found guilty under the article on the distribution of pornography via the Internet.

The case was initiated by the efforts of a local resident, Alexander Durynin, who worked as a loader in Arkhangelsk and volunteered at Navalny’s headquarters. Judging by his testimony from the case, Durynin found a clip of a German group in Borovykov and went to the local department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the fight against extremism. In the winter of 2020, Durynin came to the headquarters, first put on a wiretap and a hidden camera, and asked Borovykov questions about this clip.

Borovykov himself denied his guilt, emphasizing that hundreds of other people published this clip on VKontakte. In July 2021, the activist’s sentence was reduced – to two years and three months in prison – due to the birth of Andrei’s child. In June 2022, a court in Arkhangelsk refused the opposition’s request to replace the sentence with a punishment not related to deprivation of liberty.

In the colony, the activist was placed in a penal cell several times, including for taking a piece of bread out of the dining room. The convict himself complained about the conditions of detention in the SHIZO and ordered compensation for it. However, he was paid only 5 thousand rubles out of the 100 thousand that he demanded.

  • In 2020 and 2021, the Russian authorities sharply increased the pressure on supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The politician himself was poisoned (Navalny’s associates and investigators are sure that it was done by the Russian special services), and upon his return to Russia in January 2021, he was sent to custody.
  • In June of the same year, the Naval Foundation to Fight Corruption was declared an extremist organization. Navalny’s headquarters in Russian cities stopped working, hundreds of his supporters left the country.

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