News of March 8: raids in “Ibox Bank”, how Ukraine’s GDP fell in February

News of March 8: raids in “Ibox Bank”, how Ukraine’s GDP fell in February


About “Ibox Bank”. The Security Service of Ukraine and the Bureau of Economic Security on Wednesday, March 8, conducted searches in the offices and branches of “Ibox Bank”, a day earlier the NBU had revoked its license.

The Bureau of Economic Security suspects the bank’s officials of contributing to tax evasion of gaming business in the amount of 400 million hryvnias.

About GDP. In February 2023, the fall in Ukraine’s GDP amounted to 26% (±2%), which is better than the indicator of January – 32% (±2%).

About electricity. Without there will be no new serious strikes on energy facilities by the Russian Federation, no systematic blackouts in Ukraine in the near future.

About the “grain agreement”. The common policy of Ukraine and the UN is to extend the “grain agreement” after March 18.

About Bakhmatyuk. On Tuesday, the Higher Anti-Corruption Court arrested in absentia the owner of the agricultural holding “Ukrlandfarming” Oleh Bakhmatyuk in the case of bribery to the former head of the Federal Security Service Nasirov and his adviser.

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