News of March 9: the consequences of the Russian missile attack, Friedman and Aven want the lifting of EU sanctions

News of March 9: the consequences of the Russian missile attack, Friedman and Aven want the lifting of EU sanctions

About the consequences of the Russian missile attack. In general, there is no electricity shortage problem in Ukraine after the Russian attacks on Thursday, but the enemy damaged the network that supplies electricity to the regions.

The Russian missile attack on March 9 failed to destroy the energy system of Ukraine, it remains intact. In some areas, temporary power outages are possible.

Elimination of the consequences of the 15th terrorist attack by Russians on the power system continues – as of 19:00, the most difficult situation is in Kharkiv region and Zhytomyr region.

About Friedman and Aven. The under-sanctioned shareholders of “Alfa-groups” Mykhailo Fridman and Petro Aven personally communicated with the signatories of the letter to the EU leadership regarding the lifting of sanctions and agreed on their support.

Russian billionaires Mykhailo Fridman and Petro Aven are ready to sell their shares in Alfa-Bank for $2.3 billion to their longtime business partner Andriy Kosogov as they seek freedom from Western sanctions.

About ZNPP. The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was completely de-energized due to a Russian missile attack on the night of March 9 – this threatened an accident with radiation consequences for the whole world.

Subsequently, “Ukrenergo” experts restored the power supply of Zaporizhzhya NPP, which was interrupted by missile strikes on March 9.

About sanctions against Rosatom. At least three countries of the European Union – France, Hungary and Bulgaria – block the introduction of sanctions against “Rosatom”, such a decision requires the consent of all 27 member states.

About OGTSU. The Ministry of Finance supports the corporate reform of the GTS Operator of Ukraine and asks the Ministry of Energy to speed it up, as this is a necessary condition for Ukraine to receive microfinance assistance from the EU in the amount of up to 18 billion euros.

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