News on May 16: Fuchs’ suspicion, Ukraine shot down Russian missiles and drones worth $120 million

News on May 16: Fuchs’ suspicion, Ukraine shot down Russian missiles and drones worth 0 million

What did they talk about today?

About the attack. On the night of May 16, Russia spent for another mass attack on Ukraine at least 119.08 million dollars

About Fuchs. Security Service of Ukraine exposed under-sanctioned businessman Pavlo Fuchs on large-scale financial manipulations with strategic enterprises of Ukraine and systematic tax evasion

About oligarchs. The largest agricultural holding of Ukraine, Kernel Holding, submitted an application to the Financial Supervision Authority of Poland to obtain a permit to breeding shares of the company traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

About arrests. Shevchenko District Court of Kyiv arrested on the corporate rights of 72 companies related to the assets of pro-Russian businessman Vadym Novinsky, which are controlled through “Smart Holding” or through affiliated offshore firms.

About real estate. Real estate sales on the primary market last year decreased 8-12 times, on the secondary market – three times

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