Pension reform in Ukraine: the Minister of Finance suggests taking your time

Pension reform in Ukraine: the Minister of Finance suggests taking your time

Minister of Finance Sergey Marchenko conceptually supports the idea of ​​pension reform, but suggests that he is not in a hurry to implement it. He stated this in an interview with Forbes.

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Pension reform

Marchenko noted that before the war he was a supporter of the pension reform and helped promote it, and now the Ministry of Finance “conceptually” supports it. But in the conditions of war, its implementation may be too difficult, the minister believes.

“There is a question of time when it can be implemented, given the focus on the country’s security and rather high inflation. We are cautious from the point of view of whether we will have the resources for the reform in the near future,” said the head of the Ministry of Finance.

But whether to adopt the law on pension reform now, the deputies should decide, Marchenko emphasized.

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Let’s remind

On April 21, the Verkhovna Rada registered an updated bill on pension reform and the introduction of mandatory accumulated pensions. Bill No. 9212 is the second attempt by the People’s Deputies during the full-scale war to introduce a reform of the accumulative pension system into the hall of the parliament.

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