Reznikov told how much the Ministry of Defense “saved” due to the change in payments to the military

Reznikov told how much the Ministry of Defense “saved” due to the change in payments to the military

Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov
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With the review of the procedure for paying 30,000 hryvnias allowances for military personnel who are not involved in combat missions, the Ministry of Defense “saved” about 100 billion hryvnias, which are necessary for the provision of the Armed Forces.

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said this told in an interview with

Savings, he said, was the second factor in the decision to change the conditions for paying servicemen allowances of UAH 30,000. The main factor was justice, the minister assures. According to him, the Ministry of Defense received signals from soldiers that military personnel who risk their lives at “zero” receive an allowance of 100,000 hryvnias, while security forces, which are 20-40 km from the front line and do not risk their lives in such a way, also they receive UAH 100,000, which is not unfair.

Therefore, he believes, modernization was needed:

“You want more money, you have motivation – please can you report. Even if you are not at “zero” – you will be transferred to the contact line. You think you need rotation and rest, but you can do a less risky combat mission , – receive UAH 30,000 plus financial support. If not – just financial support.”

This is followed by “savings” based on various factors. “It is about UAH 100 billion,” the minister clarified and emphasized that the war continues and there are losses in the ranks of the Defense Forces. The families of the dead need to be paid UAH 15 million each, and there are also payments to the wounded.

“This is a serious burden on the budget, we must be ready for it. That “savings” is a resource that allows us to provide the living tissue of the security sector. The Armed Forces is the largest employer in the country. The employer must understand his resource. We do not earn, but only spend”.

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