RT fined the store 211,000 rubles for the “foreign agent” sign

RT fined the store 211,000 rubles for the “foreign agent” sign

The Russia Today TV channel fined the Feelosophy clothing store 211,200 rubles for T-shirts with the sign “foreign agent”.

Feelosophy released such t-shirts in August 2021 in collaboration with “Meduza”, recognized in Russia as a “foreign agent” in April of the same year. By that time, RT was selling clothes with the inscription “foreign agent”: in 2018, the channel was included in the list of foreign agents in the United States. In 2020, the TV channel received intellectual rights to the phrase and registered it as a trademark.

After releasing t-shirts in support of “foreign agents” in Russia, RT demanded compensation of 500,000 rubles from Feelosophy. After several lawsuits, the amount was reduced.

  • The Russian authorities can declare anyone who is under “foreign influence” a foreign agent, the definition of which is very vague in the law. “Foreign agents” are prohibited from teaching in state institutions, organizing public events, serving in the army under contract, and being members of election commissions.
  • In the USA, the list of foreign agents includes, as a rule, individuals and organizations that engage in political or financial activities, are directly controlled or controlled from abroad and act in their interests. After timely registration as a foreign agent, the company can continue its activities without hindrance.

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