Russia caused $147.5 billion in damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure — KSE Institute

Russia caused 7.5 billion in damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure — KSE Institute

The total amount of direct documented damage caused to the infrastructure of Ukraine due to the full-scale invasion of Russia, as of April 2023, reaches $147.5 billion (at replacement cost). This was reported by the press service of the KSE Institute.

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According to the experts of the KSE Institute project “Russia will pay”, by the end of April 2023, the amount of housing stock losses compared to February of this year increased by $1.2 billion — from $53.6 billion to $54.4 billion. Total amount of damaged or destroyed housing houses, including private, multi-apartment houses and dormitories — almost 158,000

The spheres of infrastructure and industry and losses of enterprises remain in second and third place in terms of the amount of damage. The amount of infrastructure losses remains unchanged — $36.2 billion, while company assets are destroyed or damaged by another $100,000. and the total amount of such losses is $11.4 billion.

The losses caused by the war to the infrastructure of the education sphere have grown to $9.1 billion. Educational institutions continue to suffer damage and destruction due to the war. According to the results of April this year, the total number of damaged and destroyed educational facilities reached 3.2 thousand, among them more than 1.5 thousand were established secondary schools, almost a thousand were preschools, and 538 were higher schools.

Also, direct losses due to damaged energy infrastructure increased by another $200 million, and currently the total amount of such damage is $8.3 billion.

Damage to the health care sector increased by another $0.9 billion. Compared to February 2023, as of April, the losses of the healthcare industry increased from $1.8 billion to $2.7 billion. In total, 806 facilities were destroyed or damaged as a result of the war, including 367 hospitals and 341 dispensaries. Note that in the current report, the number of medical institutions has decreased after updating the current information from local administrations.

Experts of the project “Russia will pay” have reassessed losses in the housing and communal services sector in accordance with new data from local administrations and on the basis of updated assumptions regarding the intensity of the influence of hostilities on this industry. Thus, the updated estimate of the amount of damage in this area at the end of the first year of the full-scale war amounted to $1.4 billion, and as of April 2023 — $2.7 billion.

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Source: Ministry of Finance

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