Russia will not give up attacks on Ukraine’s energy system, especially next winter – Galushchenko

Russia will not give up attacks on Ukraine’s energy system, especially next winter – Galushchenko

Ukraine is preparing for the next heating season with the understanding that the aggressor will continue to strike our energy infrastructure, especially with the onset of next winter.

The Minister of Energy Herman Galushchenko said this stated during the meeting of the G7+ Coordination Group on providing assistance to the energy sector of Ukraine.

During the meeting, Galushchenko informed the participants about the situation in the energy system and about the continuation of the aggressor’s attempts to attack Ukrainian strategic objects. According to him, the Russian mass attack with drones and missiles on Wednesday night proved that Ukraine’s air defense “works perfectly, and this gives us hope for the future.”

“At the same time, we understand that Russia will not give up its intentions and will continue to attack our energy infrastructure, especially with the beginning of the next heating season. That is why we are already preparing for winter, restoring what has been attacked, and strengthening the protection of our energy infrastructure. “objects,” the minister noted.

He emphasized the importance of launching the updated Khmelnytskyi NPP – Rzeszow power transmission line, which will strengthen energy security thanks to the export and import of electricity, and also talked about the preparations for the next winter.

Yes, a stockpile of equipment is currently being formed, which may be needed to restore facilities after further enemy attacks. According to Galushchenko, among the most urgent needs at the moment is equipment that will help Ukraine to decentralize generation, in particular mobile gas turbines and gas pistons.

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We remind you:

Ukraine is planning increase the capacity of electric networks of interstate crossings up to 6 GW by 2030, in particular thanks to the construction of new power transmission lines with Poland and Romania.

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