Russians stole about 4 million tons of grain from Ukraine – association

Russians stole about 4 million tons of grain from Ukraine – association

The Ukrainian Grain Association estimated that since the beginning of the war, the Russians have stolen about 4 million tons of grain from Ukraine. The president of UZA Nikolay Gorbachev said this, the press service of the association reports.

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According to him, the buyers of the stolen grain became the sanctioned countries. But even they are wary of grain stolen in Ukraine. In particular, there was a case when Libya refused to buy stolen grain.

“Ships come in for stolen grain like criminals – at night: they turn off GPS trackers, pass as invisible, load, and then go in an unknown direction. However, the marine traffic program allows you to track where these ships are going, how much and what they are transporting. Ukraine records all the facts,” explained the president of UZA.

Gorbachev added that Russia is stealing not only Ukrainian grain, but also buyers.

“During the war, Russia uses the mechanism of blocking Ukraine as a major exporter in order to work in the countries of our traditional market. If Ukraine pays billions for downtime, the Russian Federation has no downtime. Their offer may seem better to the client,” he said.

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It was in this way that it strengthened its position in the market of the largest importer of wheat in Egypt, where it increased supplies.

The head of UZA explained that grain buyers need rhythmic deliveries in order to load their mills with work. The flour produced on them is necessary for baking bread. The buyer is forced to choose a more reliable supplier — the main reason for Ukraine’s loss of grain markets.

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