SC opened a case of “fakes” against the economist Sonin

SC opened a case of “fakes” against the economist Sonin

The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case against the former head of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of HSE
Konstantin Sonin.

Officially, the representative of the Moscow office of the Investigative Committee reported that the case of so-called fakes was initiated against a 51-year-old man, whose name is not being given. “Moscow” and “Interfax” news agencies report with reference to sources that it is Sonina.

According to the investigation, from April to July 2022, he repeatedly “posted publications containing knowingly false information about the activities of Russian servicemen during a special military operation” on his Telegram channel.

Sonin is a well-known economist and publicist, a professor at the University of Chicago. He lives in the USA. In the summer of last year, he was fired from HSE. Sonyn actively criticizes the war in Ukraine. A few days ago, he published a repost of an anti-war open letter by the writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, who is now being tried in absentia in Russia for the same article about “fakes”, noting that he “would have signed every word.”

Russian law enforcement agencies can recognize any statements about the war in Ukraine that do not coincide with the official interpretation of the authorities as disinformation or fakes. Dozens of criminal cases were initiated based on the article, and sentences were handed down, including real imprisonment. Several sentences were handed down in absentia.

Sonyn has not yet commented on the initiation of a criminal case.

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