scientists are looking for alternatives for them

scientists are looking for alternatives for them

By 2050, manatees living in power plant pools must be resettled


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In Florida, manatees living in waters near power plants are forced to look for new places to live.

The reason for this is the state transition to renewable energy sources, writes BBC and Department of Florida Environmental Protection.

Manatees live in water with a temperature above 20°C. Natural habitats exist throughout Florida that not only have warm water, but also sea grass to graze on.

However, the Apollo Beach manatees, also known as “sea cows,” live beneath a large coal-fired power plant. It pumps out warm water, a by-product of industry.

The station, which the manatees liked, was modified in 1997: cold water was used to cool the steam and generate electricity.

Natural habitats for these animals along the Atlantic coast have been almost completely destroyed by development in the region, explains Elizabeth Fleming, a conservationist and manatee expert at the nonprofit Defenders of Wildlife.

This is one of the most incredible conundrums between man and wildlife that I have ever seen in my life. We completely revamped their entire habitat.

Man has destroyed all their sources on the Atlantic coast. So we have to figure out how to get these manatees to go elsewhere“, – says Fleming.

The US plans to switch to renewable energy sources by 2050, so the artificial warm water source for the manatees will disappear.

When manatees first settled near power plants, their population decreased significantly, because they had nothing to eat in an artificial environment. Then animal rights activists came up with a desperate plan – to feed the animals with romaine lettuce. This saved the manatees from dying during the winter.

The sanctuaries that already exist in Florida are too small for these animals, so scientists are looking for another way to save the manatees.

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