The authorities of Goryachey Klyuch forbade burying mercenaries of PMC “Wagner”

The authorities of Goryachey Klyuch forbade burying mercenaries of PMC “Wagner”

The authorities of Hot Key in the Krasnodar region have forbidden the burial of mercenaries of PMC “Wagner” killed in the war against Ukraine at the cemetery in the village of Bakynskaya, according to its founder Yevgeny Prigozhin. He threatened the head of the administration, Sergei Belopolsky, to bring the bodies of those killed to his home. Kavkaz.Realii writes about the conflict.

On March 17, Prigozhin’s press service published his audio message, in which it was said that the head of the administration wants to ban the burials of the “Wagnerians” because of the unwanted attention of journalists to the Bakunskaya cemetery. On Saturday, Prigozhin confirmed that the authorities still imposed a ban on new burials. Despite this, he said that the funeral scheduled for March 19 would still take place and invited journalists to the ceremony. A video with threats to the authorities of the Hot Key, recorded by fighters of PMC “Wagner”, appeared on the network. Armed people in the video claim that the city authorities are “worse than the Nazis.”

The calls of the Kavkaz.Realia editorial office to the reception head of Sergey Belopolsky and the administration of the Baku rural district were not answered. Belopolsky wrote in his telegram that he “respects” the PMC fighters, but believes that there are enough other places in the region for the buried: “I can’t help but listen to the opinion of the public that it is wrong to make the city-resort of Hot Key a place for the mass burial of fighters.” .

Earlier, Prigozhin confirmed that mercenaries who did not leave an indication of where exactly they want to be buried are buried at the cemetery in the village of Bakunskaya. At the same time, in December 2022, the head of PMC “Wagner” stated that the plot for the cemetery in Bakunskaya was allocated “with the support of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory.”

Journalists and activists discovered the first burials of PMC “Wagner” mercenaries killed in Ukraine at the end of last year. The editors of Kavkaz.Realii studied the tombstones and found out: the vast majority of those buried were sentenced to long terms for serious crimes, were supposed to serve their sentences in strict regime colonies, but instead went to war against a neighboring country.

  • PMC “Wagner” is a Russian unofficial military unit whose fighters have taken part or are taking part in military operations in Syria, Africa and Ukraine. The head of PMC “Wagner” is entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin, known for his friendship with President Vladimir Putin and the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.
  • Russian legislation prohibits the activities of private military companies. The authorities officially call the fighters of PMC “Wagner” volunteers. To participate in the war against Ukraine, the PMC recruited, according to estimates, tens of thousands of prisoners from Russian colonies. On Saturday, the amendments came into force, extending criminal responsibility for so-called discrediting and fakes and to negative publications about “volunteers”.
  • About eighty new graves appeared in the cemetery of PMC “Wagner” in the village of Bakinskaya in Krasnodar Krai during the period from February 2 to 23. A third of them do not yet have plaques, Kuban activist Vitaliy Votanovsky, the leading count of Russian soldiers killed in the war against Ukraine, told Kavkaz.Realii. Now there are about 400 buried here.

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