The court arrested the lawyer in the case of “bribe to Knyazev from Zhevago”

The court arrested the lawyer in the case of “bribe to Knyazev from Zhevago”

The court remanded lawyer Oleg Horetskyi to custody until July 13 in the case of a bribe to the head of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Knizeva from businessman Zhevago. Horetsky was given the opportunity to post a bail of 80 million hryvnias, although the SAP prosecutor asked for 100 million hryvnias.

Source: UP journalist from the courtroom

Details: Goretskyi is suspected of helping Vsevolod Knyazev receive a bribe from businessman Kostyantyn Zhevago for making the necessary decision. The suspect Oleg Horetsky denies his guilt and claims that he was provoked by the NABU agent, who was allegedly the third figure in the case – Kyril Horburov.

According to the investigation, in January 2023, the Supreme Court received a case of cassation appeals by PJSC “Business Partners” against the decision of the Northern Commercial Court of Appeal dated September 12, 2022 in the interests of businessman Kostyantyn Zhevago and his company “Ferrexpo AG”. The hearing was scheduled for March 15, and Zhevago, through his proxy Serhii Rudometkin (security director of Poltava GZK PrJSC – ed.), made a proposal to the leadership of the Supreme Court to provide a bribe for the court to issue the decision they needed.

Direct speech of the prosecutor of the SAP: “Vsevolod Knyazev ordered Horburov and Goretsky to inform Zhevago that for the adoption of the decision he needed, he must provide an illegal benefit in the amount of 1 million 800 thousand US dollars for him and the judges. They, in turn, informed Zhevago that he must pay 2 million 700 thousand dollars, calculating that 1,800,000 will be given to Knyazev, and 900,000 will be distributed among themselves.”

Details: On March 10, Goretsky informed Zhevago that the court hearing on March 15 would be postponed to April in order to give the latter the opportunity to collect funds.

Zhevago handed Goretsky 2 million 600 thousand US dollars. At first, he kept the money he received in the office, and later moved it to an individual safe for safekeeping.

On April 19, the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court, including Knyazev, ruled in favor of Zhevago.

On May 1, Knyazev instructed Gorburov to divide part of the funds into 10 packages, and keep 450,000 for safekeeping. On May 3, Gorburov delivers funds in 10 packages to Knyazev’s apartment. On May 15, Horburov took the rest of the money from the bank and delivered it to Knyazev’s apartment.

Direct speech Prosecutor of the SAPS: “During the searches, the investigators seized part of the funds from Knyazev’s apartment, and part from his office.”

Details: The prosecutor asked the court to send Oleg Horetsky to custody, stressing the risks of the suspect’s escape, pressure on witnesses, destruction of evidence. The prosecutor also asked to set bail for the suspect in the amount of 100 million 113 thousand 200 hryvnias.

The prosecutor also emphasized that the suspect may have other accomplices. This is evidenced, in particular, by Goretskyi’s statements in the intercepted recordings. In them, the suspect says that 50,000 went “to the supreme court for another case”, and also mentions the “prosecutor’s office and DSR”, which “are asking for 300 for closing cases”. Also in the records it was said that “we have many such cases” and the surname Krasnov was mentioned.

The suspect’s lawyers stated that the suspicion and risks are unfounded and asked the court to reject the request of the prosecutors. They emphasized that the case involved a provocation by Kyril Horburov.

The suspect Oleg Horetsky himself denied guilt and stated that he was provoked by his “friend Kyril”, who was an agent of NABU.

Direct speech Horetskyi: “I have never met or communicated with the ex-head of the Supreme Court. Everything happened at forums, general events with the participation of many people. Horburov constantly dragged me to meet with him. This case is a provocation. The confiscated funds are mine personal or my wife’s or my clients’.

Details: Goretskyi also noted that he has had subscription contracts with Zhevago companies since 2016, but did not disclose the details, stressing the confidentiality of the information.

He said that a bail of 100 million was unacceptable for him, and asked the court for night house arrest or a lower bail – “at least a million”.


  • On May 15, NABU detectives detained the head of the Ukrainian Supreme Court, Vsevolod Knyazev, allegedly for accepting a bribe of almost $3 million ($2.7 million) and searched other Supreme Court judges.
  • The press service of Konstantin Zhevago claims that he has nothing to do with bribing the chairman or judges of the Supreme Court.
  • VRP authorized the arrest of Vsevolod Knyazev.

Victoria Roschyna, UP

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