The court in the appeal returned the Kyiv land of the reserve “Troyeshchynski luky”

The court in the appeal returned the Kyiv land of the reserve “Troyeshchynski luky”

The Northern Commercial Court of Appeal satisfied the department’s complaint and returned 375 hectares of land of the “Troyeshchynski luky” nature reserve in the Desnyan district to the territorial community of Kyiv.

She reported about it press service Department of Land Resources of the Kyiv City State Administration, Public.

Appeals in the case were filed by Kyiv City Council and NGO “Kyiv Environmental and Cultural Center”.

As noted by the lawyer Oleksandr Dyadyuk, who represented the interests of the NGO “Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Center” at the court, the court canceled the illegal registration of 375 hectares of the “Troyeshchynski luky” reserve, which was taken over by the agricultural association “New Ukraine” with the help of a “black” notary.

“Troyeshchyna meadows” were declared a landscape reserve of local importance in 2020 by the decision of the Kyiv City Council. Subsequently, the “New Ukraine” agricultural association appealed this decision in the Economic Court of Kyiv – the developers tried to prove that the land transferred to the reserve was previously allocated to them for development.

In 2021, the State Court rejected the developers’ lawsuit, and already in 2022 this decision was appealed by the “New Ukraine” agricultural cooperative.

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