the ex-partner of Putin’s daughter was arrested in the Netherlands

the ex-partner of Putin’s daughter was arrested in the Netherlands

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Netherlands in a village near Amsterdam arrested a plot that belongs to the probable ex-partner of the daughter of the President of Russia, Ekaterina Vorontsova. This is stated in a joint investigation by the “Project”, the Dutch publication Follow the Money and the British newspaper The Guardian.

According to the investigators, the seizure of Yorrit Faassen’s land was imposed on May 12. This may indicate that a criminal case has been opened against the businessman. At the same time, lawyers interviewed by journalists note that according to the available documents, it is not yet possible to understand the essence of the probable claims.

An acquaintance of Faassen told journalists that Vorontsova’s ex-partner recently flew to the Netherlands, but soon flew to Russia – allegedly because of interest in him from law enforcement agencies. An interlocutor published in the special services of the Netherlands reported that the businessman was recently interrogated at the Amsterdam airport regarding possible evasion of sanctions, but there is no exact confirmation of this information.

Follow the Money points out that the seized land was owned by the structures of brothers Boris and Arkady Rotenberg, businessmen close to Putin.

Investigators note that Faassen bought the plot in 2019 for 450,000 euros and planned to build a residential building and six small office buildings. In 2021, he submitted an application for construction, but in March 2022, municipal authorities suspended the process of registering a building permit due to Faassen’s probable ties to Putin.

In March last year at the Faassen site established the Ukrainian flag and hung an appeal to Vorontsova to persuade her father to end the war.

Putin’s daughters Maria Tikhonova and Ekaterina Vorontsova have been under sanctions by the European Union and the United States since April last year because of Russia’s war against Ukraine. The representative of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, said in a conversation with journalists that the Kremlin will definitely respond to the sanctions against Putin’s daughters and “will do it as it deems necessary.” Thus, for the first time, Moscow officially recognized the kinship of Tikhonova and Vorontsova with President Putin. Earlier, journalists called Maria and Ekaterina the alleged daughters of the Russian president.

In April of last year, the publication “Meduza” and the TV channel Nastoyashe Vremya wrote that Yorrit Faassen escaped the restrictions, since his marriage with Ekaterina Vorontsova was not officially registered. It is known that the couple was in a relationship for at least eight years – from 2008 to 2016. Faassen and Vorontsova have a common son, Roman.

A year ago, Faassen told Follow the Money that he had been living in Moscow for 16 years. According to Meduza and Nastoyaschech Vremena sources, until 2014, the businessman and Vorontsova lived in the Netherlands for several months a year, but after the Malaysian Boeing was shot down over the Donbass, Putin allegedly insisted that his daughter and grandson live in Russia. In a conversation with the press, Faassen denied his connection with Putin.

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