The National Commission increased tariffs for regional energy by 25-50%

The National Commission increased tariffs for regional energy by 25-50%

The National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Communal Services (NKREKU) has decided to increase electricity distribution tariffs for 22 distribution system operator companies (OSR, Oblenergo). The corresponding decision was made on May 23, ExPro reports.

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Tariff increase

A step-by-step increase in distribution tariffs for June and July-December 2023 is expected. As a result, they will grow by an average of 25-50%.

For oblenergo located on the frontline territory, the current tariff has been extended until the end of June and new tariffs have been established for the second half of 2023. This applies to such companies as “DTEK Donetskie Elektrosety”, “Zaporozhyeoblenergo”, “DTEK Vysokovoltnye Seti”, “Luhanskoe Energeticheskoe Obedinienie”, SE “Regionalnye Elektricheskie Seti”.

The issue of setting tariffs for companies included in the sub-sanctioned group VS Energy (“Zhytomyroblenergo”, PJSC “Kirovogradoblenergo”, PJSC “Rovnooblenergo”, JSC “Chernovtsyoblenergo” and JSC “Khersonoblenergo”) was considered separately. For them, it is proposed to extend the current tariff until the end of June 2023 .

“At the same time, the question of the application of sanctions requires careful study, since the suspension of the activity of operators of electricity distribution systems can lead to the disconnection of consumer facilities from the electricity supply in Zhytomyr, Kirovohrad, Rivne, Kherson, and Chernivtsi regions, including critical infrastructure enterprises, military facilities, etc. p. “, says the rationale for the draft resolution.

Explanation of the National Commission

The NCREKU explains the increase in electricity tariffs for the population with the need to repair the power system after the shelling.

Source: Ministry of Finance

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