The owner of bars in Moscow will leave the team after the FSB searches

The owner of bars in Moscow will leave the team after the FSB searches

Pavel Kosov, one of the owners of the Underdog and La Virgen bars, will leave the team after the searches, which were conducted on Friday, March 17, by members of the FSB service for the protection of the constitutional system and the fight against terrorism. The official statement of bar owners was published in a telegram by lawyer Konstantin Erokhin.

The authors of the message note that the staff of the establishment is demoralized and scared, and visitors and project participants receive numerous threats on the Internet. Bar owners consider them real.

“We are afraid of the repetition of the raid and other negative events, and are ready to do everything necessary to avoid them,” the statement says.

After the searches, the FSB officers detained several dozen people – visitors and employees of establishments. After questioning and checking their phones, they were released. According to the lawyer, electric shockers were used on some detainees.

An inscription in the form of the letter Z appeared on the door of the Underdog bar after a visit by FSB officers. According to eyewitnesses, one of the patrons was forced to apply the letter and the slogan “For Russia” by the officers conducting the search.

In the room itself, during the search, the songs Shaman, “Lyube”, as well as “Blue Scarf” and “Hey, oh, my horse is a crow” were included. An Underdog employee told “Mediazone” that bar patrons were forced to sing along, threatening them with shockers, and people with tattoos were asked to undress.

At the beginning of July last year, the Telegram channel “Baza” wrote that the founders of Underdog and La Virgen faced threats due to the announcement of a charity market of vinyl records in support of the Kyiv Angels team. This is a Ukrainian organization that claims to help the Armed Forces, medics and civilians affected by the war.

Later, the owners of the establishments reported that the account of La Virgen, where the post was published, had been hacked. They reported that the donations went to help the animal shelter. According to the lawyer, then Kosov and other owners of the bar were detained as part of an investigation into their financing of Ukrainian organizations. Erokhin noted that his protégés gave exhaustive explanations.

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