The Polish company filed a lawsuit against Gazprom for $1.4 billion

The Polish company filed a lawsuit against Gazprom for .4 billion

The Polish company Europol Gaz, which manages the section of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline, filed a lawsuit against the Russian Gazprom for a total of almost 6 billion zlotys (about $1.4 billion). Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Assets of Poland Jacek Sasyn announced this on TVP Info.

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The EuRoPol Gaz company appealed to arbitration with a claim against Gazprom for the compensation of approximately PLN 850 million in receivables, overdue payments for gas transportation.

According to Sasyn, the then Deputy Prime Minister Valdemar Pavlyak “gave money to the Russians in 2010, he did not claim this money”, but on the condition that the Russians would supply gas until 2045.

As the Deputy Prime Minister explained, the gas that was supposed to pass through Poland has not yet been transported, so Poland has the right to demand its return.

Also, this claim concerns the lost benefit of EuRoPol Gaz for transportation until 2045 — this amount exceeds 5 billion zlotys.

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The Ministry of Finance wrote that at the end of 2022, the net profit of the Russian Gazprom fell to 747.25 billion rubles against 2.68 trillion rubles in 2021. In an hour, the indicator fell more than 3.6 times.

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