The regiment of mobilized people who complained to Putin suffered heavy losses

The regiment of mobilized people who complained to Putin suffered heavy losses

The regiment of mobilized people, who recorded a video appeal to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, suffered heavy losses in Ukraine in the Avdeevka district. This was reported to Sibir.Realia by relatives of servicemen. In their video appeals, the mobilized stated that they were being sent into an attack without sufficient preparation, weapons, and support from artillery and reconnaissance.

We are talking about regiment 1439, in which soldiers mobilized from the Irkutsk region serve. The servicemen addressed the command three times. They reported that they had been handed over to the Slavic brigade, the so-called “DPR”, which sends them, as they put it, “to the slaughter”, and if they refuse to go on an assault, shoots them with machine guns. The military also clarified that they were promised to send them to territorial defense, but instead they formed assault brigades out of them, despite their lack of combat training and the presence of mobilized people over 40 years old and people with chronic diseases.

According to relatives, now the regiment is “almost completely destroyed”: several people are wounded, the rest are dead, but are listed as missing. Wives and sisters of those mobilized also recorded a video appeal to Putin with a request to help those who remained.

– My phone was broken, in the hospital. He says there is nothing left of the shelf. It is known so far only about two wounded, the rest either died or were abandoned there in a difficult situation. He will be given only a week! Then again they will be thrown “to the front”, – says Sibir. Realii is the wife of the mobilized Svetlana (name changed).

The mobilized claim that the command takes only soldiers from the “DPR” with minor injuries from the battlefield. The seriously wounded and killed are left in their positions because they are “afraid to lose their equipment.” The killed Russians are listed as missing, and the wounded are still evacuated once a day on stretchers. The military police detained a regiment with the call sign “Skala”, which tried to explain to the command that “yesterday’s drivers, brawlers, furniture makers and metal breakers cannot belong to the elite unit of stormtroopers and do not have the skills for it.”

On February 26, after the second appeal of the servicemen to Putin, the governor of the Irkutsk region, Igor Kobzev, wrote in a telegram that the mobilized would soon be transferred to a new place of service

  • Mobilized Russians repeatedly complained about poor service conditions, lack of ammunition and violence from the command. Some of them refused to continue hostilities in Ukraine.
  • Earlier, the Russian service of the BBC reported that over the past three months, most of the dead were mobilized, volunteers and prisoners. In total, since the beginning of the war, journalists managed to confirm the death of 13 thousand Russians, 924 of them – mobilized.

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