The State Duma will tighten the exit rules for Russians with access to guest houses

The State Duma will tighten the exit rules for Russians with access to guest houses


On May 24, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill restricting the exit from Russia for citizens with access to a guest house. According to the document, the authorities will be able to limit the right to exit, including for those who had access to secret data in the past.

The bill was submitted for consideration by deputies of all factions. He also introduces the concept of “secrecy mode” and the procedure for granting access to the guest room. For example, such access will be limited to people who have real estate abroad or accounts in foreign banks. The same measure will be applied if relatives have foreign assets.

According to the new draft law, secret carriers will be obliged to report when they have a reason to refuse admission to a guest house and about attempts to obtain secret information from them.

In addition, the law expands the powers of the President to ensure the secrecy regime in the Presidential Administration. What this might mean in practice is not clear from the document. The authors argue that the law is designed to ensure the protection of the homeland in the conditions of Russia’s war with Ukraine.

According to lawyers, if the law is adopted, it will complicate the life of secret carriers and their relatives, as well as conscripts, lawyers, deputies and judges. In particular, lawyers who conduct cases related to hospitality will be deprived of the opportunity to travel abroad.

During the day, the State Duma adopted in its third reading amendments to the law “On the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation”, according to which conscripts will be required to hand in their foreign passports for the duration of their service. Persons conscripted into the army or into alternative civil service will have to leave their foreign passports for storage in the migration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or a multi-functional center


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