The story of Oleksandr, a prisoner of war, who, despite being bullied by the Russians, returned home

The story of Oleksandr, a prisoner of war, who, despite being bullied by the Russians, returned home

Border guard Oleksandr and his comrades defended the territory of the metallurgical plant in Mariupol and received serious injuries there.

He was captured by the occupiers, where he was forced to eat his portion in a minute and was abused. Fortunately, he returned home alive.

His story was told in the State Border Service of Ukraine.

Oleksandr started military service in 2018. He met a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Mariupol, where he lived for 14 years.

Alexander the prisoner of war. Photo: State Border Service of Ukraine

In April 2022, a border guard was defending the territory of a local metallurgical plant and was injured. Numerous fragments pierced his leg, arm, thigh and lungs.

Then, together with other wounded comrades, Oleksandr was captured by the Russians.

For the first time in two weeks, I went outside in the afternoon. I remember that the sun was shining that day and the hope that we would return home flashed in my mind, – says the soldier.

Chevron, which Alexander brought home after capture. Photo: State Border Service of Ukraine

But the man was held captive by the occupiers for six months. He said that, in his opinion, POW camps in Russia were created like Nazi camps.

After all, there they were given one minute to eat. Also, in order to make fun of the prisoners, the Russians created so-called corridors of vertukhai, i.e. overseers.

Oleksandr felt unbearable pain due to the fragments in his body, moral pressure and physical violence, but he believed that he would return to his family.

There was no contact with them and only after the exchange I found out that until August 2022 my family was under occupation. We were told that no house had survived, so I could only think of one thing – if only they were alive. Only at the end of the summer was the wife able to take the children out of Mariupol, – he said

Oleksandr did not know until the last that he was going on an exchange. Therefore, the Russian supervisors wondered why he looked happy.

Border guard Oleksandr. Photo: State Border Service of Ukraine

According to him, he was glad that he was able to take the chevron – a blue-yellow flag – out of captivity. He was with him there and now remains his talisman.

Oleksandr has already returned to serve in the border troops. He hopes to return to his hometown – Mariupol after the victory.

Oleksandr with his comrades in arms. Photo: State Border Service of Ukraine

I want to live and serve there. My children were born in Mariupol, my home is there. I understand that the city is completely in ruins, but nothing, we will rebuild it– the border guard shared.

We will remind you that the Ukrainian military man who was blown up by a mine and lost his leg near Soledar, said that he dreams of going for a walk with his beloved.

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