The story of the rescue of a volunteer who survived artillery shelling in Bakhmut

The story of the rescue of a volunteer who survived artillery shelling in Bakhmut

In Ivano-Frankivsk, medics are rescuing a man from Kharkiv who was seriously injured during the fighting in Bakhmut. The man was hit with five bullet wounds, and more than two hundred fragments were stuck in his arms and legs.

The story of 51-year-old Stanislav, who went to the front as a volunteer, was told at the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Clinical Hospital.

Stanislav was seriously injured at the end of January. Among other things, the man received a penetrating wound to the chest, and as a result of the grenade explosion, part of his thigh was torn off.

At the beginning of February, his crippled leg was amputated below the knee in the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Clinical Hospital.

Stanislav is undergoing treatment. Photo: Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Clinical Hospital

In his peaceful life, Stanislav was a concrete truck driver. He volunteered to defend Ukraine from the Russian Federation for the second time.

He entered the National Guard, the 4th battalion named after Bolbochan, and he was wounded during the task of “cleaning up”. The group had to seize a private building and hold it so that the occupiers did not bypass the positions of the other brigade and hit them in the back“, – said the fighter.

When he and his comrades arrived at the position, they were ambushed. The occupiers kept Stanislav and other soldiers under howitzers for an hour and a half while they occupied certain points.

In the end, half of our people laid down, and I lasted until morning. There are no such people whom bullets fly around, although I thought so of myself. Two – he managed, and the third beat me, as in a computer game: he fell to the ground and shot me in the legsays the serviceman.

Volunteer Stanislav with his wife. Photo: Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Clinical Hospital

Bleeding and suffering pain, Stanislav managed to barricade the wall in the house, thanks to which he did not get captured. However, the occupiers threw grenades at the soldier, to which he responded by shooting.

Stanislav admitted that he is “not particularly sensitive to pain.”

I hear the bullet going in and out. This already makes me happy, because the hand is working, – the volunteer said. – But when I broke my leg, when the bones began to break, I thought that this was the end of me.

The man admitted that he survived thanks to his anger and knowledge of tactics taught by Canadian instructors back in 2015: to group and cover the body, vital organs with hands.

“It worked: four holes in my hands, but I’m alive, – said Stanislav. And also, he says, he didn’t want to freeze or burn.

Stanislav remembered how he caught the broken leg with a machine gun and went to another room. He stretched as much as he could, and then he felt the loss of blood and began to think about suicide. However, with the help of a walkie-talkie, he managed to call for help.

When asked if he regrets volunteering for the second time, Stanislav jokes – he says that his leg “could still be worn.”

Here, of course, the nerves give way in the hospital. When I can’t get up, my wife has to feed me. It is not clear what will happen next… But I would like to live longer and put my children on their feet“, – adds the fighter. His son is 25 years old, his daughter is 14.

Now the man is undergoing treatment. Next to him is his wife Tatyana. According to doctors, Stanislav’s condition is stable.

We will remind you that Serhiy, a volunteer of the First Voluntary Mobile Hospital with the call sign “Maestro”, died in Zhytomyr Oblast. He was saving his daughter from a fire.

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