The threat to the Black Sea grain export will remain even after the war – the expert

The threat to the Black Sea grain export will remain even after the war – the expert

The basic scenario of the end of the war is a frozen hybrid conflict with a constant threat of turning into a hot phase. — Valentin Krasnoperov, the founder of the educational initiative “The Last Capitalist”, expressed this opinion at the investment conference “Invest Talk Summit”


He believes that in these conditions, farmers should focus on production processing. “Logistics may become more complicated, there may be some actions regarding our transport fleet. Therefore, logistics can go through Europe, and to simplify it, agricultural products need to be processed more,” says Valentin Krasnoperov.

He believes that the domestic agricultural sector should not be afraid of integration into Europe.

“The main problem that the farmers of Central and Eastern Europe protested against this spring is not that they were afraid of our production. The reasons are in their subsidy policy. In these countries, subsidies were allocated more for means of production. Therefore, many farmers did not work on the market, but on subsidies. “It was absurd when a farmer could use a tractor for no more than a week an hour due to the excess of means of production,” the expert said.

About “Invest Talk Summit”

On May 27, the Invest Talk Summit investment conference was held, organized by the website of the Ministry of Finance with the support of the Academy of the Ministry of Finance and

The conference was attended by investors, owners of leading Ukrainian companies, managers and experts in the field of finance. They discussed the current situation in the economy and forecasts of its further development, as well as gave their recommendations on investments in the real estate market, cryptocurrency, balancing the investment portfolio, etc.

Access to the full speech of Valentin Krasnoperov and other participants of the “Invest Talk Summit” can be purchased here.

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