To the sounds of explosions: how children in Kyiv ran screaming for shelter during the alarm. VIDEO

To the sounds of explosions: how children in Kyiv ran screaming for shelter during the alarm.  VIDEO

Kyiv was once again subjected to a missile attack by the Russians. Immediately after the alarm was announced, the first explosions rang out. Photographer Oleksandr Kuchynskyi recorded on video how children in the center of the capital are heading to the shelter after the start of the alarm. On the footage, you can see how on the way to the shelter they are caught by the sounds of explosions, and the children start running faster in panic. The recording went viral on social networks. Kuchynskyi told about the morning anxiety in a comment for “UP.Zhyttia”. View this post on Instagram Post shared by UNITED24Media ( Sashko was sitting with his friends on Hlybochytskyi Street in a restaurant and drinking morning coffee. “I don’t run to the shelter at every alarm, so I continued to drink coffee. There is a music academy nearby. When the alarm started, the children were being taken to the shelter from the school to the storage room. But since the explosions sounded very soon, they did not have time to get there,” – says the photographer. He notes that there were many children: at least 4 classes. “They walked in a long line. The first ones after the explosion ran forward, and the rest of the classes were probably taken to another shelter to the Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station. In addition, the time interval between the alarm and the first explosion was very short. Usually it is 10-20 minutes, and this time – literally 3,” Oleksandr recalls. The Russians also shelled Kyiv at night. As reported by the Kyiv Metro, on the night of May 29, more than 9,000 citizens, of which 1,120 were children, hid at the stations from shelling. “This is the largest number of people who stayed at the stations at night during the current month,” the capital’s metro said. During the daytime shelling of the capital, more than 41,000 people were in the underground. Read also: “Kindergarten graduation during the day, “congratulations” at night: a woman from Kyiv spoke about the consequences of the night attack of the Russian Federation

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