TransferGo calculated how much money was transferred to Ukrainians from abroad during the war

TransferGo calculated how much money was transferred to Ukrainians from abroad during the war

During the 12 months since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, TransferGo users have made more than 5.5 million transfers of funds to Ukraine. The total amount of transfers per hour amounted to more than 500 million euros. writes about it.

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Where do most transactions come from?

Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary and Germany were among the five countries from which the most transactions were made. Ukrainians also received a significant amount of translations from Great Britain, Slovakia, Estonia, Denmark and France.

“From the first days of the war, we witnessed how people from all over the world tried to support Ukraine, sending their savings to their relatives and friends, as well as to charitable organizations. As a result, the number of transfers to Ukraine increased by 30% per hour,” noted Daumantas Dvilinkas, CEO and co-founder of TransferGo.

Having an urgent need to carry out instant and safe transfers home, TransferGo services were also actively used by Ukrainians who were forced to leave the country because of the war. So, in an hour, the number of Ukrainian users of the service grew by 63% and reached almost 2.5 million people.

In response to the criminal aggression against Ukraine, TransferGo became one of the first international services to cancel the possibility of transferring funds to Russia.

Also, the service waived any commission for transfers to Ukraine not only by card, but also for IBAN from all European countries, so that Ukrainians could receive funds quickly and free of charge.

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