Ukraine presented ex-president Yanukovych with new charges

Ukraine presented ex-president Yanukovych with new charges

The General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine brought new charges against the country’s former president Viktor Yanukovych. According to the prosecutor’s office, in 2014, Yanukovych illegally crossed the border with Russia twice and smuggled at least 20 people across it. In addition, the investigation believes that he incited his guards to desert.

According to the investigation, the illegal transportation of people was carried out by Yanukovych with the assistance of the head of the presidential security service, as well as representatives of Russia. People came to Russia by sea and by air. The planes and ships on which they were transported belonged to the Russian side. On the same day, he persuaded security personnel to desert.

All this happened in February 2014, when Yanukovych was removed from power as a result of mass protests. A few days later, he left Ukraine and fled to Russia.

In Ukraine, Yanukovych was sentenced in absentia to 13 years in prison on charges of treason. The court found him guilty of the fact that in 2014, during mass protests on the Maidan, the president appealed to Russia to send troops into Ukraine. The trial on the new charges will also be held in absentia.

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