Ukrainians can exchange a driver’s license in the Czech Republic: what is required for this

Ukrainians can exchange a driver’s license in the Czech Republic: what is required for this

Since February 28, Ukrainians have had the opportunity to exchange their driver’s license in the Czech Republic, until now among the EU countries this was possible only in Poland.

She reported about it press service Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasizes that the exchange of a driver’s license is carried out in the presence of a physical document, which is seized by employees of the Dokument State Enterprise. It is currently impossible to renew a Ukrainian driver’s license abroad.

It is possible to exchange a driver’s license if its validity period has expired, the driver’s passport data has changed, the license has been erased and the inscriptions on it are no longer legible, or if the owner wishes to obtain a modern license.

To exchange a license, the driver must provide:

  • passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • identification code;
  • existing driver’s license, which is subject to exchange;
  • a document confirming the change of personal data in case of a change of such data.

After employees of SE “Dokument” have received a complete package of documents, they photograph it and issue an application for the exchange of a driver’s license, which is considered in Ukraine by the administrator of the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. If the application is successfully considered, a new document is printed for the person abroad, and the old one is withdrawn.

A ready-made driver’s license can be picked up on the day of application, except in certain situations. For example, during an air alert on the territory of Ukraine, applications are not processed, so the deadline may be extended. In addition, if the existing certificate was issued before 2013, an additional request is made to confirm the validity of the certificate at the place of issue, which can increase the time of issue by 5 days.

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We remind you:

The Mutual Agreement entered into force on January 10 recognition and exchange of national driver’s licenses between Ukraine and Turkey.

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